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I think with another 3 years I could have finished my part, but the early release is a great watch nonetheless! thanks for organizing this and to everyone who participated, really was a fun project

you are one crazy person and i love you

if you think the persident is stupid its probably beacuase YOU are stupid!

PS: the voices were pretty good.
but thats

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very nice game, and kinda demanding but that makes beating all the levels just more staisfying. you seem to have taken all the earlier reviews into consideration, because all the complaints do not seem to refer to the current version.
however i'm a little surprised that beating the boss doesn't do anything, he just falls to the ground and that's it, i can still walk around, without anything happening and the dead boss sitting around...
i dunno if that's a bug or poor design, but a little message wouldn't hurt.

still full score cause the game's great

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D-SuN responds:

:P Thank you for the comment! The comments were on point, it was too difficult too soon.
Now I feel that it may be JUST SLIGHTLY too easy.
Either way I'm going to work on the game some more - I'll put more emphasis on the Boss based on your feedback. FYI, the Boss will appear again on wave 16 (if you can reach it :|)

i only had to play the last stage twice to get all the 75 stars. I'm such a nerd.
but if you only use cruizer and sythe as upgraded as possible its doable

the gameplay isn't too bad, but you should really add a 'select all ships' or 'select multiple' function. and an additional movement button, to make all your new ships go to you front lines would be nice too :) and maybe downgrade the resource generator a little, because there are way too many ships on the field to really play strategically.

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'instant replay' and 'distract' made me laugh so hard haha

PuffballsUnited responds:

I'm glad!

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What did you sample on this? It sounds great!

somehow this made me smile and i didn't stop before the song was over... which was when i finally realized this is looped and stopped it.

so i suppose it does loop quite well ;)

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Whirlguy responds:

Hehe that's fun. I was a bit worried the switch would be too abrupt.

this is great, especially the first minute, the intro is dope as shit!

Voltus responds:

Thanks! You're dope as shit! :P

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really original idea, he seems like a pretty fun character! the design maybe needs a little of your own flavor. but I'm really excited to see more Jello, he'll definitely make for some interesting Bromance :D

i love it! it's so atmospheric, your use of colours is incredible :)
and great composition!
(hidden estonian flag is funny hehe)

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nah, because this is great and you'll get all the luvin you deserve! i volunteer.

ZeTrystan responds:

Thanks! :'o But you should not feel the need to volunteer, hahaha. Don't worry! ;D

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