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2016-02-18 06:12:46 by snickity

So what has happened since I last upadated? Well, not much to be honest. Most of the time I've been working on my application for university which consists of a traditional portfolio and an animation i had to do ("animals", go check it out please!). I also did some smaller animation exercises you can find on my tumblr and a few storyboards to get better at writing. Plus reading tons of books.

Although I'm still nowhere near where I want to be, I have the feeling that I'm finally getting somewhere. I learned alot from the mistakes I made during the last few months and I think that the direction i want to take has become much clearer to me. Getting accepted to university with this would be a huge step forward. Wish me luck :)


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2016-02-23 06:52:33

Wishing you luck dude ^^.

Kind regards,


snickity responds:

thank you man!