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2015-08-07 10:54:17 by snickity

My european voluntary service in France is over!

I've been working in the heart of France for almost a year as an EVS-volunteer and because I'm pretty bad at being productive when I don't have the whole fckn day for it, I never got anything done. So that's pretty much my lame excuse for not having posted much so far. However I did write on some ideas I had floating around in my head, and I'm very optimistic that I'll be able to present you something soon. Maybe some sketches, maybe some designs, maybe some wacky music or even some comic pages or an animated short (or probably nothing at all because I'm a lazy bum).

Stay tuned!


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2015-08-08 01:27:24

aw that is fantastic, that travel abroad will just give you more experience in general but i'm sure it was a lot of fun to be there, EVS volunteer is what you seek to be? lol you are among lazy bums, it is okay


2015-08-08 22:54:10

No please not nothing at all! :(


2015-08-10 05:18:47

No worries, though I'll need a few days to re-adapt to my life in Berlin, I hope to be able to get some work done this month. No more bumming next week, hopefully ;P

Yupyup, and living abroad gave me so much experience, I'm an adult now! Oh wait, no, I'm back at my parents. Ooops